It’s been a long time coming! We will kick off the Practical Consciousness summer school in August and introduce you to our brand new teachers.

The international programme will take place on 12th August to 14th August with seven workshops that will teach how to improve your everyday life by using practical consciousness techniques. Whatever it is in your life that you’re facing right now, find a new perspective on how to tackle it.

Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda will open the summer school with the topic “Releasing Resistance with Practical Consciousness techniques.” He will shed light on what resistance really is and how to release it. Resistance is a blockage, an emotional barrier between you and the world. Releasing resistance gives you access to the world again, to the same world that holds everything you really want in your life. By removing the emotional barriers of resistance, you open up a whole new world of possibilities that might be hidden from you today. The closing session “Reading the Book of Life” may sound familiar to the people that have participated in the III course. We all write our own story by our thoughts and just by understanding how it is in our own hands to write a good one, can have a massive effect on life.


  • Suppressed emotions
    We have learned to not show our emotions in many situations where they are deemed inadequate and do not fit social rules and norms. Thus, we have acquired the skill to suppress them. But do you know, how you suppress emotions? And are you aware of the consequences of this in your physical body? What is the influence of suppressed emotions in your body? In this workshop we will go in depth with this topic, find practical answers to these questions and work with the releasing techniques to free ourselves from suppressed emotions and their negative influences on our body.

  • Background emotions
    Besides everyday and suppressed emotions, there is another important kind of emotion to release: background emotion. A background emotion begins during an intense moment or change in your life and keeps operating from then on. From this point forward, you are like fish surrounded by water regarding this emotion. Though the water affects fish constantly, they are unaware of its existence. In the same way, the emotion always affects you, but you don’t know it’s there. It’s time to remind how to release background emotions  and why the dismissing technique is not used here.

  • Integration of fear
    Remember a situation when you experienced fear. How did you act? Were you maybe suddenly very attentive and acted extremely fast and precise? Or you were just frozen? Most likely you have experienced both. What if you could use fear to support your consciousness awareness? This certainly opens a different perspective to it. In this workshop we will explore exactly this by understanding that fear is more then emotion and by understanding how to use it properly.

  • Releasing emotions connected to physical pain
    We all experience pain in our physical body, be it mild or intense, sometime or always. Each pain in our body has also an emotional component. Releasing it helps your body to heal better and reduce the pain in the present and in the future. We also resist to the pain and wish for it to go away and this as such creates even more suffering in our life. Do you wish to delve into this subject and learn how to lessen the pain and reduce the suffering connect to it? Then this workshop is right for you as during it will deepen our knowledge about the practical consciousness techniques to release the emotions towards the pain and from the pain sensations.

  • Emotional eating
    Sometimes food can feel like a universal solution for every life situation. It comforts you when you’re sad and excites you when you’re joyful and before you even notice it can become your emotional support. But food is is not meant to serve that purpose and therefore can result in great consequences on your health, weight, body, close relationships, and moods. It can also get quite costly! In the workshop you’ll discover that in order to get rid of the emotional addiction to food, it is necessary to release also some positive emotions and even seemingly insignificant emotions. Learn tricks and tips on how to get rid of emotional eating with the techniques of releasing emotions.



Day Time Subject Teacher
Friday, 12.08

16:00 – 18:00 (EET)

6 AM (CA),

3 PM (CET)

Releasing Resistance with Practical Consciousness Techniques

Ingvar Villido, EST

(translated to English by Ave Oit)

translated into German by Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty
Saturday, 13.08

10:00 – 11:30 (EET);

12 AM(CA),


Background emotions Raimond Sinivee Friederike Hertel

12:00 – 13:30 (EET);

2 AM(CA),

11 AM(CET)

Suppressed emotions Friederike Hertel Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty

15:00 – 16:30 (EET),

5 AM(CA),


Integration of fear Kadri Kerge Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty

17:00 – 18:30 (EET),

7 AM(CA),

4 PM (CET)

Releasing emotions from physical body Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty Friederike Hertel

19:00-20.30 (EET),

9 AM (CA),
6 PM (CET)

Emotional eating

Aigi Vahing, ENG

Sunday, 14.08

9:30 – 11:00 (EET)

11:30 PM (CA),
8:30 AM (CET)

`Your subconscious knows everything` – Reading the Book of Life

Ingvar Villido, EST

(translated to English by Ave Oit)

translated to German by Friederike Hertel

11:30 – 13:00 (EET)

1:30 AM (CA),

10:30 AM (CET)

Summer School summary.
Questions and Answers.

Ingvar Villido


(translated to English by Ave Oit)

translated to German by Friederike Hertel


  • 149 €* – “all inclusive” online

  • from 20 € – a single workshop

* the price includes all the webinars and recordings that are available to watch until 18.09.2022



Friederike Hertel
Friederike HertelPractical Consciousness I & II teacher
I have worked with the techniques of Practical Consciousness in depth since 2014 and researched the impact of emotions and the effect of releasing them in my body. Being a professional musician and yoga teacher, I have had a keen interest in exploring how emotions affect my performance with a great focus on the influence of background emotions and suppressed emotions on the physical body. With the help of the Practical Consciousness techniques, I have healed from several chronic illnesses and chronic pains.
Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty
Daniela Gjuroska-GogartyPractical Consciousness I & II teacher
I am a senior nonprofit executive who leads multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. I am also the mother of two adolescents. Good relationships, effective communication, understanding, and flexibility are essential in both of these roles. I’ve seen the benefits of Practical Consciousness on all levels since incorporating it into my life. It is simple and straightforward but has had a major impact on me and what I do. I’ve chosen to share my experiences with people to assist them on their journeys.
Raimond Sinivee
Raimond SiniveePractical Consciousness I & II Teacher
Raimond has worked with releasing techniques for years and has change his career over to success and make work enjoyable. He went through an intense teacher training program to become a licensed instructor for the Practical Consciousness I and II course. He has completed all 5 courses and has received Babaji Kriya yoga first initiation. Raimond is also a Principal Software Engineer Manager in Microsoft at Silicon Valley Campus. He has worked on software based communication tools through all of his career.
Aigi Vahing
Aigi VahingPractical Consciousness I & II Teacher
I used to lead a glamorous, fast-paced life as a marketing and PR manager, a TV presenter, and media personality before I moved into self-development. I dealt with intense stress, insecurity, and the fear of not being enough, which I tried treating with addictions to food (bulimia) and other substances. However, I overcame all my addictions using the methods of Practical Consciousness. I have dedicated myself to empowering others to shed their harmful habits and discover their true selves.
Kadri Kerge
Kadri KergePractical Consciousness I & II Teacher
I have experienced fear and anxiety for the past 12 years by living in New York City and working as an architectural designer in top firms. Constant deadlines, heavy workload, stress, being fired, painful breakups – all this was my normal and repetitive life. It was one endless struggle with these fears. By learning and using PC techniques, I discovered a subtle network of fears in my life – I didn’t just have a few big fears, but it was like a veil that covered my whole life. My thinking, behavior, choices. Now I don’t have it anymore and I feel joy.
Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda
Ingvar Villido IshwaranandaPractical Consciousness Founder
Ingvar Villido, a spiritual teacher and yogi from Estonia is the founder of Practical Consciousness and trainer of the certified teachers. He has taught the practical use of consciousness since 1992. More than 30,000 people worldwide have attended his lectures, events, and courses.