Practical Consciousness

Our environment, as well as our genes, contributes to our makeup. Our family and society have conditioned us to repeat the errors people have made throughout history. Our lives are spent 95% of the time enacting one habitual response after another.

Unfortunately, we believe that others are to blame for our problems and that we must change people to solve our problems. But, this never works. In reality, worry, anger, resentment and other emotions are the causes of our problems. You’ve probably noticed how challenging it is to make sound judgments when you’re emotional. You are aware how hard it is to change from irritation to kindness. In the whirlpool of thoughts and emotions, people lose sight of who they are and accept suffering as normal.

Ingvar Villido developed Practical Consciousness as a life-changing self-development program. The classes integrate knowledge passed down by ancient sages of the yogic principle that humans are composed of five layers of being. Your inner world is structured around these layers, and knowledge of them empowers you to transform yourself.

Practical Consciousness can rapidly transform your life, putting you in control and putting an end to suffering. They will help you alter your inner world and solve problems in any situation that arises.

In 1981, Ingvar Villido started the transformation that led him to offer this knowledge to the world. Practical Consciousness stems from Ingvar’s in-depth investigations which led him to fundamental discoveries about human life. As Ingvar investigated the causes of human suffering, he discovered that people were incapable of using awareness skillfully. This inspired him to develop techniques anyone can use to master their awareness and maximize their potential.

You’ll discover the predominant role of emotions and thoughts in your life and how the subconscious contributes to your suffering. You will learn how to instantly and permanently eliminate negative emotions and harmful beliefs, and access the amazing qualities of consciousness, and achieve an ongoing state of flow in your life. Then emotions and thoughts can be your conscious tools. The key is knowing how to apply awareness in any situation.

You’ll gain a newfound understanding of your energies, mind, and emotions, as well as how awareness works and how subconscious reactions can control your life. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to discover your true nature and become a happy, calm, and peaceful person.


To guarantee you the best possible progress, Practical Consciousness classes build on one another, for this reason, to attend any of the Classes III-V, please take the previously-numbered ones.


Classes I & II are given in one two-day weekend, and a short follow-up day for questions, feedback and guidance.

Class I teaches you to stay in the present moment. You understand how to use awareness in practical terms, creating focus and creativity in any situation. You learn about your inner world and experience true self, one of life’s most important experiences.

Class II teaches you how to let go of disturbing emotions, leaving you in natural equanimity and peace. You can eliminate a troubling emotion instantly and easily. More importantly, this process frees you from the grip of the subconscious.

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Class III demonstrates how thoughts create your reality on a moment-by-moment basis and how to free yourself from self-defeating thoughts. Reflexive and unconscious thoughts, drain your energy and divert you from your best life path. With the specific and targeted techniques in this class, releasing harmful beliefs, thoughts and concepts is easy and rapid.

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Class IV guides you to awaken your inner genius and continually access insight and inspiration. This is the most practical and highest way to use awareness in daily life.

It is time for humans to live from awareness, a realm that is above thought and emotion. This involves consciously using your intellect, which comprises your seven highest tools or qualities. These are: awareness, understanding, distinguishing, deepening, intuition, insight, and inspiration. When you employ them on a daily basis, your life has a tremendous change for the better.

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Class V FLOW

It is mostly thinking that stops one’s insight and flow. When you master your intellect (consciousness) and maintain consistent insight, you are truly in the moment. This is the state of flow. You know which actions to take, understand the cause of an obstacle, and smoothly find a solution.

In the flow state you enjoy conscious activity without being distracted by needless thought and emotion. When you operate as true self, you act decisively and purposefully in each situation. In flow, you are more effective at work, constantly able to generate new ideas, and a better partner.

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