The Practical Consciousness Foundation

Our aim is to help humanity thrive by making Practical Consciousness knowledge and techniques accessible and usable for everyone. The Practical Consciousness Foundation has two purposes:

  • Teaching practical, life-changing knowledge.
  • Providing the opportunity to participate in its mission and contribute to the needed change in the world today and in the future.

Ingvar Villido founded the Practical Consciousness Foundation in 2021 to make practical consciousness a reality for all of humanity. His students direct and organize the Foundation, spreading its vision in their home countries and worldwide.

Recently, we hosted an intensive Practical Consciousness Teacher Training Program for thirty-nine teachers from eight countries. The teachers are long-time practitioners of Practical Consciousness who have experienced profound changes in their lives. They teach with inspiration and dedication, drawing on their own experience, and support others in their growth.

The Foundation is forging a network of Schools of Practical Consciousness. We plan to open the first schools in Estonia, the United States, North Macedonia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Ireland. The foundation’s objective is being carried out by nearly one hundred volunteers, with more joining each month.

The Schools offer unique and cutting-edge training based on a new viewpoint on human life and development. Anyone can start where they are now and make changes that result in peaceful, happy, and conscious living. Our more intensive study programs are for students who want to go deeper and discover their hidden potential.

The school’s integrity is what makes it special. Quick outcomes are less important to us than quality and consistency of growth. We support personal evolution throughout life to its ultimate destination, like a continuous thread of connection with no gaps.