Class V FLOW

Class V moves you from the old to the new paradigm of life. Its purpose is to enable you to constantly be in a state of flow. To accomplish this, you will refine and expand upon the techniques taught in Classes I-V.

People think that flow occurs by chance, such as when we’re having a good day and everything is going our way, or when we lose ourselves in the moment and are simply experiencing life. However, you can remain in the flow state at all times.

Ingvar found that it is mostly thinking that kills people’s flow and insights. When you master your intellect and maintain a consistent flow of insight, you are truly in the moment. This is the state of flow. You will know what actions to take, understand the causes of obstacles, and find effective solutions smoothly. You can fulfill your amazing potential and continue to expand and unfold.

The flow state enables you to engage in continuous conscious activity without wasting time in distracting thoughts or emotions. When you operate as true self, you act decisively and purposefully in any situation. Doubt and hesitation have long since vanished. In flow, you are more effective at work, constantly able to generate new ideas, and a better partner.

After Class V, you will be able to:

  • Create from a conscious state of awareness.
  • Achieve more by using your highest capabilities.
  • Make decisions and take action with lightning speed and razor-sharp precision.
  • Utilize intuition and insight to overcome your own and others’ limitations.
  • Accomplish goals with limited resources, succeeding where others might fail.
  • Continuously engage in conscious action while operating from the intellect (flow state).

Practical Consciousness Class V consists of one full day and a follow-up day.

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