Practical Consciousness Advanced Studies

with Ingvar Villido

The goal of the advanced studies webinars is to open up a broader perspective of the Practical Consciousness teachings for practitioners, delve into the details, expand the application of techniques, demonstrate connections between different aspects of the method, and support graduates of all levels in a deeper understanding of the possibilities and depths of self-development.

Ingvar has discovered his knowledge through practical exploration, application, and teaching. Each advanced training session is, therefore, a practical guide on how to:

  • Discover more about yourself and increasingly base your life activities on the True Self
  • Reduce the impact of automatic reactions or disruptive emotions and thoughts
  • Learn to see and utilize practical connections between different parts of the method
  • Learn to cross-utilize techniques from different courses

“My role is to help you in areas that have remained unclear,” says Ingvar.

You have already taken several good steps by participating in Practical Consciousness courses and practicing. Take the next one: dive deeper, explore, experiment, understand, see connections, find new inspiration, and consciously enhance the stable ground that consciousness and the True Self offer to your life. All of this is a progressive addition to what you have acquired so far.


Participation in advanced studies requires completion of Practical Consciousness Levels I & II.

Note down any questions that have arisen during your practice here, so Ingvar can address them in the next meeting.

Online Advanced Training Sessions:

  • June 18, 2024, at 7-9pm EET: Developing concentration ability and mastering focus

Languages: The advanced training is conducted in Estonian with simultaneous translation into English.

Replay: Available until the next session.