Class I introduces you to a new way of life, teaches you about the human five-body system, and how to use awareness as your personal GPS system. The five-body system provides a holistic perspective on life that enables you to comprehend yourself, your emotions, thoughts, and true self.

The techniques in this class bring you into the present moment. You learn to use awareness in practical terms, creating focus and creativity in any situation. You gain a deep understanding of your inner world and encounter your true self, which can be a life-changing experience.

You will learn and experience:

  • The yogis’ discovery of the human body’s hidden anatomy.

  • A more tranquil and peaceful mind, silencing the inner critic.
  • The end of mental confusion and fog.
  • Practical uses of awareness.
  • The road map to success in life and the compass to navigate it.


How frequently do you feel disappointment, fear, or anxiety? How do your emotions play a role in your interpersonal relationships? While fluctuating emotions can appear to be transient, they are actually permanent. And, unfortunately, people have very few means of overcoming negative emotions. We make futile attempts to suppress, ignore, or project them onto others.

Class II teaches you how to let go of your emotions, resulting in natural equanimity and peace. You can permanently resolve troubling emotions in a matter of seconds. This frees you from the subconscious’s control.

Enhancing your use of conscious awareness is critical for freedom and transformation. Gradually, you gain control of your inner and outer worlds. Emotions and thoughts become conscious tools you can use as and how you wish. Natural awareness and clarity begin to emerge. You find insight and intuition more readily available. Your true self starts to shine forth along with equanimity and joy.

You will learn and experience:

  • Enhanced stability.
  • Reduced attachment.
  • Greatly improved emotional health.
  • Eliminating a negative emotion (permanently) in a few seconds.
  • Freedom from fear using a special yogic technique.

Classes I & II include a complimentary follow-up day to hone your technique. After you have completed Classes I & II, you have the opportunity to participate monthly advanced studies sessions with Ingvar Villido worldwide online. We also hold residential retreats in Lilleoru for those who want to take their studies deeper.

Practical Consciousness Classes I & II are taught by the master teacher Ingvar Villido and by certified teachers, each of whom teaches from the perspective of their own experience.

Classes in English are available upon request