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Ingvar Villido reveals a life-changing secret in Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live A More Joyful Life. You don’t have to live with negative emotions. You can remove them quickly and easily using the simple and easy techniques in this book, allowing you to live a freer and happier life.

Practical Consciousness is packed with specific, effective techniques to free you from the tyranny of distressing emotions and transform your life for the better.

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The long-awaited book became a bestseller in self-development categories in the Amazon USA online store. Read the full press release here.

New Webinar!

We invite you to an exciting webinar with Ingvar Villido, author of the book Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live a More Joyful Life.

Ingvar Villido is a spiritual teacher whose work empowers people to transform themselves through easy-to-use techniques that apply the qualities of consciousness to their everyday life and whose teachings include rediscovering the true self. At the meeting, he opens the deeper back knowledge of his new book, answers readers’ questions and guides the techniques of releasing emotions. This is a great opportunity for you to give your feedback about the book directly to the author, and if necessary, specify the techniques described in the book, which you have already been able to practise.

The webinar will take place online on November 28 at 6 PM EEST.

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The webinar is available for viewing upon registration.